road frieght
Transportation of export and import deliveries and transit through the use of new generation trucks with European standards and equipped with a positioning system, fully trained and grouped, correct and safe as soon as possible under customs procedures of the Islamic Republic of Iran, TIR Convention, CMR And customs supervision.
ocean frieght
With the cooperation of representatives in most of the major ports, we provide regular marine services with world-renowned lines. Special services from Port of Mersin and Hyderabad to North America, Central America and South America, the Far East and the Middle East, North Africa and all European ports, offering the services with the most suitable rates.
air frieght
By concluding a contract with airline lines and airline agencies, we have provided the customer with the right and most appropriate service according to the needs.
railroad frieght
logistic services
Supply Chain and Logistics, including supply, packaging, warehousing and transportation, customs services and delivery at destination, meaning receipt of goods from the producer and delivery of goods to the customer at the destination (door to door) using modern equipment, warehouse Specialized hotels in major cities in Turkey, including Istanbul, Mersin, Konya, etc., have enabled us to provide modern logistics and transport services to provide the best service at the most appropriate rates to our customers.